Ŀ♡ѴƐ me

cнєяιѕн ME

mªk€ me feel WORTH it


{Indie Self-Insert
for the Kuroshitsuji fandom.}

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so i did the thing


      you can either  fight  at my side

                  —  or

        get  crushed  under my heel

                  —  but 

        you will not  stand  in my way


  1. A Passionate Kiss
  2. Kiss anywhere you choose
  3. Oral Sex
  4. Own me tied in bed naked for one night
  5. Own me tied in bed naked for two nights
  6. Shower Sex
  7. Will do whatever you say for one day
  8. Rough Sex
  9. An intimate night alone with me
  10. Your choice
  11. My choice




And I am not a child. Once she finished paying she lead him to the large building that housed her library. As the two entered the large oak doors, she dropped the leash and stretched her limbs. The petite bookworm walked over to the male, stretched up onto her tip-toes, and released him from the grasp of the leash. Rintarou I assume?


"Yeah, it’s Rintarou." God it felt good to have that thing off.

Now that we have our introductions out of the way, you’ll start by re-organizing my desk. Unless you want the collar back on? She suppressed a giggle at the sight of the teenager bound by a leash. I have very important people coming later, and I need everything to look orderly.The female pointed to a large wooden desk that was surrounded by shelves and shelves of literature. The desk had stacked papers and books that looked as if they were about to fall any second. Now.